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Hold on to your cumpkins! One-off performance of the Sony Award nominated comedy podcast starring RICHARD HERRING. An hour of brand new stand up and sketches about the first two weeks of the Edinburgh Fringe, written in 48 hours, rehearsed once, recorded in one take and then put on the internet uncensored and unedited.

As It Occurs To Me (or AIOTM as it is known to fans) is a revolutionary new comedy show, which is already a cult hit on the internet, with 30,000 downloads per week and a loyal live following. It is the money paid on the door which funds this unique and ground-breaking and otherwise free project.

HERRING says “I was fed up of waiting for TV and radio executives to green light my projects and when they did increasingly frustrated by the censors and the climate of fear amongst producers and I wondered if it was possible to cut out the middleman and just do it myself.” Assisted by TV’s EMMA KENNEDY, ex-Basil Brush writer DAN TETSELL and CHRISTIAN REILLY on the guitar, RICHARD HERRING has already produced 18 episodes of the show, running at up to an hour each. It’s filthy and furious and has already been nominated for both a Sony Award and a Loaded Lafta.

HERRING adds, “The show is warts and all. We keep in the fluffs and the material that fails because we don’t patronise our audience. Is ‘patronise’ the right word? No, ‘respect’. We don’t respect our audience. Yet by keeping in the failures as well as the successes there is an honesty to the show which is missing in most modern over-produced comedy. And as there is no time limit we can stretch an idea to its limits and beyond. I love the freedom and the fact it’s all by the seat of my pants. Necessity, it turns out, really is the mother of invention.”


“A joy to listen to”

“The punk rocker of comedy”
The Scotsman

“It’s a brave experiment and one that deserves every success”
Den of Geek

“Truly innovative. British comedy and podcasting need more people like Richard Herring"
Sony Award Judges

“Ill-informed, insulting and infantile”
1 star iTunes review

Venue: Assembly Ballroom
Date: 17th August
Time: 14:00
Box Office: 0131 623 30 30

For more information and press tickets, please contact: Ben Nolan, Fran Cherry, Bea Gwynn, Jo Cross or Dan Lloyd. Tel: 08700 70 50 50 [Edinburgh office] or 020 7598 7222 [London office]. Email:,,, or



“The most talked about show on the fringe.”
Dominic Cavendish, Daily Telegraph

“Political comedy at its most effective and questioning, and should be a defining show of this year's Fringe.”
Louise Ridley, Time Out

“Surely his most passionate Fringe hour to date.... a master of his form.”
Brian Donaldson, The List

“A really excellent comedy show: a playful, pointed and often bitterly funny attack on racism … stimulating, passionate, and thoroughly entertaining.”
Dominic Maxwell, The Times

“Another hit for his solid back catalogue”.
Julian Hall, The Independent

“A beautifully crafted and thought-provoking show.”
Veronica Lee, The Sunday Telegraph

“Superbly constructed and wickedly clever.”
Stephanie Merritt, The Observer

“Such a strong show, impassioned, emotive and clever. One of the shows that this year’s Fringe will be remembered for.”
Ian Phillips, The National Student

“A funny and often challenging look at liberal hubris, the intent of ‘offensive’ gags, and a condemnation of the bigots. Vote with your feet, and see it.”
Steve Bennett, Chortle

“Herring continues to grow as a comic and is fast carving himself a niche in British stand-up that has already become a Fringe highlight and will likely see him soon as a household name.”
Graeme Strachan, The British Theatre Guide

“A very powerful, extremely funny show.”
Paul Fleckney, London is Funny

“One of the greatest stand-up routines I have seen.”
Joe Daniels, Scotsgay

“An absolute Fringe must-see.”
Bruce Dessau, Evening Standard

“An intelligent, brave and brilliant show.”
Ariadne Cass-Maran, The Skinny


“Few come sharper than Herring, who is back for what seems like his 73rd Fringe with yet another thoughtful, funny and personal hour of coruscating stand-up. His consistency in producing fine shows year on year is impressive indeed… this is one of the strongest shows Herring has produced in his already impressive canon. He’s always a Fringe must-see, this year more than most.”
Steve Bennett, Chortle

“In years to come [Richard Herring] will be remembered as the best comic of his generation mastering every comedic art form - writing bestselling books, performing in award winning stand-up shows, writing and starring in primetime ITV1 comedy dramas. He is a one-man comedy tornado, ripping up every comedic outlet that crosses his path.”
James Mullinger, GQ

“One of Britain's best stand-ups.”
Si Hawkins, Metro

“Herring is one of the Fringe's reliable comic pleasures… Undercutting the heartfelt with the puerile wouldn't impress the headmaster. But it spells fine comedy for the rest of us.”
Brian Logan, The Guardian

“Laughs pepper this wry monologue. Herring has a sharp tongue and can weave a yarn, whether recalling youthful crushes or imagining an encounter between his young and old selves…A glowing pass with no help from dad.”
Bruce Dessau, Evening Standard

“Probably Herring’s finest show to date in a career already littered with great shows. In an attempt to work out why he is who he is, this fine comedian goes back to his memories of school. Brilliant.”
Tim Arthur, Time Out

“A comedy trouper at the top of his game.”
Warren Howard, ‘The Information’ The Independent

“Herring’s teenage diary entries are highly amusing and prove to be comedy gold, banked at an early age. Boisterous and full of bonhomie, Herring’s self-deprecating humour is infectious and he’s solid without ever being too predictable. Not only is The Headmaster’s Son funny but there’s a certain charming poignancy about a near middle-aged man looking back to his childhood and facing up to it. A man with a finger in many pies, including Radio 4 documentaries, an ITV comedy drama and columns in the New Statesman, Herring’s a jack of all trades and a master of one - namely stand up.”
Julian Hall, Virgin Hotline

“As glorious as anything Herring has done. He hits the ground running with an inspired and abrasive routine about Jesus’s ascencion to Heaven, before presenting a flurry of ideas about the child being the father of the man.”
Dominic Maxwell, The Times

“His teenage diaries are gut-clenchingly funny and demand instant publication.
Stephen Armstrong, The Sunday Times

“He’s still a master of the scholarly approach to crudity (watch out for an elegant treatise on the correct playground hand gestures to symbolise different types of sexual activity). But he also pushes himself, teasing his crowd by stretching material seemingly beyond its elastic limit.”
James Kettle, ‘The Guide’ The Guardian

“Seasoned stand-up from one of the form’s best.”
Andrew Lowry, Shortlist

“Somehow, though, he holds it all together. The show is about his childhood, and some of the odd little vignettes are both hilarious and strangely touching. The best come when he reads through his teenage diary, allowing him to mock his own adolescent bombast and self-pity with wounding accuracy…he has written a charming, warm, funny show with some splendid surrealist asides.”
Tom Chivers, Daily Telegraph (online)

“This year, we're treated to a comedian who has matured, both in content and performance…Herring's dip into the psyche of the sex-obsessed male teenager is top-notch comedy fodder…The Headmaster's Son is a tantalising mix of humour, charm and depth.”
Liz Rawlings, Fest

“Packed full of laughs.”
The Scotsman

“Herring relives crushing formative experiences and teenage embarrassments - for pleasing comic effect.”
Dominic Cavendish, Daily Telegraph

“Herring is effortlessly engaging.”
Nadine McBay, Metro

“Sharp and witty.”
Marissa Burgess, The List

“He is one of the leading hidden masters of modern British comedy. If there is any justice in the world, and no doubt both the 40 and the 16 year old Richards would tell you there was not, then this show will be sold out every night.”
Graeme Strachan, The British Theatre Guide

“Along with some eye-watering, completely unrepeatable passages, Herring delivered an effusively warm and good natured reminiscence on lost youth.”
Neil McEwan, Edinburgh Evening News

“Though not offensive, he does border on the disgusting, but in such a terrifically funny and witty way that he can be forgiven. A stage comedy expert, Herring's foray into his former childhood innocence is hilarious, thought provoking and thoroughly recommended.”
Richard Hanrahan, Three Weeks

“Herring conjures up his teen self - a mix of pomposity and awkwardness - with passion, wit and authenticity.”
Sharon Lougher, Metro

“We’ve all heard comedians blaming their parents for how they’ve turned out. But none do it quite as eloquently as Richard Herring.”
London Lite

…OH FUCK, I’M 40!:

“A well-crafted blend of midlife crisis and smart observational comedy. His tale of taking part in the most pathetic pub brawl ever seen is worth the price of admission alone.”
Stephen Armstrong, ‘Culture’ Sunday Times

“A very funny stand up set...While Herring may fear his imminent (supposed) descent, we might as well savour the vantage point from his current comic peak.”
Brian Logan, The Guardian

“As a comedian he is at his peak.”
Bruce Dessau, The Evening Standard

“He wastes no time alchemising his own misery into comedy gold.”
Christopher Collett, Metro

“His writing is as smart and effective as always.”
Steve Bennett, Chortle

“There is nothing one-dimensional about Herring’s wit. Herring may be over the hill in the traditional sense, but Oh f*ck, I’m 40! marks a comic coming-of-age which cannot be written off.”
Alison Lutton, Fest magazine

“He had the whole house roaring with laughter…the more Herring ups the ante, the more thoughtful you realise he becomes.”
Nick Awde, The Stage


“One of Britain’s smartest solo comedians.”
William Cook, The Guardian

“Richard Herring's show takes self-mockery to heart-warming new levels.”
Stephen Armstrong, Sunday Times

“This is smart stand-up proving that other people's failure is the surefire stuff of comedy success.”
Brian Logan, The Guardian

“This thoughtful Herring is still a big fish on stage.”
Sharon Lougher, Metro

“Herring simply improves with age…If being by yourself produces this kind of entertainment, Herring should be confined to his own company indefinitely.”
Brian Donaldson, The List

“Herring produces some of the most inventive, original and funny stand-up at the festival. In the glossy, free programme, he ponders why he keeps coming back to Edinburgh year after year. One answer must surely be: ‘because he’s good at it’.”
Steve Bennett, Chortle

“The real stars of the Edinburgh Festival aren’t the comics who turn up twice, win a sackful of awards and vanish onto TV. The true stars are the acts who keep pitching up, year after year, not to try and get on the telly, but to try out something new. Richard Herring is one of those stars.”
William Cook, The Guardian

“Brave and thought-provoking stand up.”
Les Dennis, The Daily Telegraph


“His new show, Someone Likes Yoghurt, was inspired by a supermarket visit where the checkout person made a sarcastic comment about his penchant for milk-based desserts. Only a truly gifted neurotic could get so much material from such a minor slight.”
Bruce Dessau, Evening Standard

“Clever, contrived and often quite silly.”
Marissa Burgess, Metro

“Irritating, relentless, pathetic, petty, pedantic, arrogant, embarrassing, pointless and endlessly funny.”
Stewart Lee, The Sunday Times

“Brilliant… A triumphant experiment in the art of tedium.”
Sam Friedman, Fest


“Richard Herring hasn't just written a new show for this year's Fringe, he's started a new religion… Herring has taken the researching and writing a one-hour comedy show to its extreme and the gods should justly reward him.”
Shona Craven, Metro

“Triumphantly funny.”
Bruce Dessau, Evening Standard

“Herring has a confidence and affability which instantly draws you in.”
Gordon Eldrett, The List

“For a show that's ostensibly about depression, this is a remarkably feel good night out. Mainly, of course, because Herring conquered his demons, but also because of the jaunty, playful touch he brings to this impressively well-constructed show. Make it your task to catch it.”
Steve Bennett, Chortle


“It is the avowedly funny Talking Cock that in the end produces more serious food for thought than all the platitudes of The Vagina Monologues. Herring is a good enough comedian to make you see men, with all their obsessions and oddities, differently.”
Sarah Crompton, The Daily Telegraph

“The show is funny, humiliating, impassioned and weird in equal parts. It’s his best work to date. If we gave stars, he’d have lots.”
Stephen Armstrong, The Sunday Times

“His Cock is as funny and fascinating for women as it is for men. I loved it. I only wished it could have been longer.”
Kate Copstick, The Scotsman


“Hauntingly clever one liners… highly cerebral comedy that actually works.”
The Stage

“This show comes as something of an epiphany. Bubbling over with his usual cheery confidence, Herring soon wins over even his harshest critics.”
Edinburgh Evening News

“Lo, this show doth strike a nice balance between theological debate and jokes about ox-fondling.”
The Herald

“Hilarious… Fantastic.”
The List, Edinburgh

“For a 21st Century take on religion, the wisest words are written in the gospel according to Richard.”


A prolific year has seen RICHARD: release his new book How Not To Grow Up to critical acclaim, take his hit Edinburgh show Hitler Moustache on a national tour and two-week London run; present the BBC 6 Music Saturday morning show with ANDREW COLLINS, his co-host on the Collings and Herrin podcast; write and perform another series of podcast and sketch show As It Occurs To Me; and appear on TV shows including Genius (BBC TWO), Have I Got News For You (BBC ONE), and Never Mind the Buzzcocks (BBC TWO).

In the 1990s RICHARD was in the prodigious double act LEE & HERRING, who created the cult hit BBC TWO shows Fist of Fun and This Morning With Richard Not Judy. He was also one of the team behind the award-winning BBC Radio 4 series On The Hour. Since then he has established himself as one of the UK’s foremost comedy writers and solo performers, writing and starring in You Can Choose Your Friends (ITV1) and three series of That Was Then This Is Now (BBC Radio 2), writing on Time Gentlemen Please for AL MURRAY, THE PUB LANDLORD, gaining a cult following for his blog Warming Up, and publishing his first volume of selected blogs, Bye Bye Balham, in 2009.

A Fringe veteran, his previous hit live shows include: Ra Ra Rasputin, Punk’s Not Dead, Excavating Rita, Christ on a Bike, Talking Cock, Someone Likes Yoghurt, ménage à un, Oh Fuck, I’m 40! and The Headmaster’s Son.


Avalon Promotions Limited is one of the leading promoters of live comedy in the UK. Productions include: NEWMAN & BADDIEL in the first comedy show ever to be staged at Wembley Arena; FRANK SKINNER’s record-breaking performance to an audience of 6,000 at the Battersea Power Station; Jerry Springer - The Opera at the National Theatre, at the Cambridge Theatre in London’s West End, on national tour and at New York’s Carnegie Hall; HARRY HILL at the Palace and Dominion Theatres in London; and Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack Adventure at the Sydney Opera House, at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, on national tour and at the Village Theatre, New York (nominated for Drama Desk Award 2004).

The last 12 months has seen Avalon Promotions: present multi-award winning comics CHRIS ADDISON, SIMON BIRD, JENNY ECLAIR, DAVE GORMAN, RICHARD HERRING, RUSSELL HOWARD, LEE MACK and FRANK SKINNER on sell-out runs; produce AL MURRAY, THE PUB LANDLORD live at the O2 and RUSSELL HOWARD at Wembley Stadium; introduce some of the fastest-rising stars in comedy such as KRISTEN SCHAAL & KURT BRAUNOHLER and ISY SUTTIE; produce stage shows, such as Frank Skinner’s Credit Crunch Cabaret and Grumpy Old Women Live, which has toured the UK three times and performed highly successful runs in Australia and London’s West End; and present 20 acts at the Edinburgh Festival, where it has promoted a total of five Perrier Award winners and 18 Perrier Award/Edinburgh Comedy Award nominees in just 21 years.