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RORY McGRATH, DARA O’BRIAIN and GRIFF RHYS-JONES have reunited and will return to BBC TWO this Christmas on their fifth journey together, Three Men Go To Scotland. Having previously recreated the famous journey of Victorian author JEROME K. JEROME, come perilously close to trading blows over GRIFF’S prized yacht ‘The Undina’, sailed to the Isles of Scilly, and toured Europe’s third largest island - Ireland - this latest installment of their hit series sees them embark on a journey of discovery in Scotland’s Highlands and Islands.

Inspired by the expedition that Dr Johnson and Samuel Boswell took in the late 1700s, this series sees the trio hit the highlands for a whistle-stop stop tour packed with their own unique combination of calamities and comedy. It is a tale of seaplanes and steam boats, wild salmon and trout, and practicing the fine art of ‘going commando’, as DARA, GRIFF and RORY recreate the legendary trek, in a modern-day Scotland.

The ten-day voyage, being shown in two special 60 minute episodes, is a race against time to arrive at Amhuinnsuidhe Castle, one of the last hunting and fishing estates, for the last week of fly fishing. En route, they manage to: get caught in a freak wave that nearly drowns them; display their cheeky side as they strip off in order to get, ahem, measured for their kilts; recover their sea legs for an unexpected outcome at the West Highland Week yacht race; survive the wilderness; and board a VIC32, an original steam Clyde Puffer - only to discover once lit, it takes two days of careful stoking before the engine is even at the right temperature and ready to go.

Along the way they pick up an old friend of DARA’s - ED BYRNE - who needs a lift to get to the Cullins mountains for his Munroe Bagging attempt (otherwise known as trying to climb every mountain in Scotland over 3000ft), and DARA is also challenged to a hammer throwing competition…by a girl. This is all whilst RORY, not one to be sidelined, holds his own event - “Beat the Griff” - a one-on-one rowing race. The only problem is he has not actually told GRIFF about it, yet….

From critically acclaimed television producers Liberty Bell, Three Men Go To Scotland explores Scotland’s Western Islands in a jam-packed adventure that originally took Johnson and Boswell about eighty-three days. From sheep shearing to Clan Chiefs mingling, this quest is one RORY, DARA and GRIFF will never forget.


The first episode of Three Men Go To Scotland will transmit on BBC TWO, XX December 2010

For more information please contact Roxie Maskall, Jo Cross or Dan Lloyd at Avalon on 020 7598 7222 /


Liberty Bell Productions, which was formed in autumn 2002, is based in Newcastle and London, and specialises in the production of television documentaries and features, factual entertainment, current affairs, drama-documentary and youth programming. Recent productions include: Willie's Wonky Chocolate Factory (BBC TWO) Portillo on Thatcher: The Lady’s Not For Spurning (BBC FOUR), The Alastair Campbell Diaries (BBC TWO), Three Men In Another Boat (BBC TWO), The Grumpy Guides to… (BBC TWO), Three Men in Another Boat (BBC TWO), Grumpy Old Men (BBC TWO), Grumpy Old Women (BBC TWO), Why We Went to War (More 4), Don't Get Me Started (Five), Real Life: Beating Breast Cancer (ITV1), The Meaning of Life (BBC ONE) and The Widow’s Tale (BBC TWO). Liberty Bell is currently in production with new programmes for BBC ONE, Channel 4 and SkyArts.


Portillo on Thatcher: The Lady’s Not For Spurning

“Gordon Brown and David Cameron should watch it. Tony Blair should get a hold of a tape and reflect on what might have been. Media bosses who only commission films if they portray politicians as corrupt and mad should take note also… I know people with only a passing interest in politics who were gripped.”
Steve Richards, The Independent

The Alastair Campbell Diaries

“Just as DVD extras allow you to see the human fallibility that lies behind the polished exterior of the finished film, Campbell’s diary fills in the engrossing trivia of off-stage politics… it is completely engrossing.”
Thomas Sutcliffe, The Independent

The Widow’s Tale

“This complex and moving film is one of the television highlights of the year so far.”
Andrew Male, The Sunday Times

Grumpy Old Men

“The whole programme put me into an uncharacteristically, seethingly good mood… Wonderful stuff”
A.A. Gill, The Sunday Times