Frank Skinner Show


Frank Skinner hosts the critically acclaimed mix of stand-up comedy and sit-down chat with some of the biggest names on the planet - and some guests he told the production team he just has to meet.

Since hitting our screens in 1995, Frank’s chat show has developed a reputation for having its own unique style amongst the chat show crowd and as one of the few places on television where it is still possible to get a surprise revelation from a celebrity. Who could forget: Matthew Kelly’s tense confrontation with Frank over a joke he made about Matthew earlier that year on Baddiel and Skinner Unplanned; Brian McFadden’s tearful protest that he didn’t end his marriage to Kerry with a phone call; Tara Palmer Tompkinson’s well... just ‘bizarre’ appearance; Mylenne Klass’ tearful recount of the nightmare of the public turning against her after the Hearsay break-up; Richard Dreyfuss’ outburst to the audience not to book for the west end stage show The Producers before Christmas as it was “too stressful” for the actors (shortly after the interview transmitted, Richard and the production agreed his early departure from the show); Robert Downey Jnr’s engagement announcement; Ulrika Jonsson’s awkward silence after Frank directly asked her if she “shagged” Prince Edward and, of course, the appearance of Britney Spears, who made front page news revealing she was “stood-up by Prince William.”

Guest’s who have previously decided to make their UK chat show debut on the Frank Skinner Show include: Richard Gere, Robert Downey Jnr, Ll Cool J, Britney Spears, Renee Zellweger, Tony Blair, Pamela Anderson, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Michael Stipe.

Distribution Info:

The Frank Skinner Show is a chat show that combines a mix of comedy chat, exclusive celebrity interviews, topical stand-up and anything-can-happen TV. Now in its ninth season of twelve one hour long shows, The Frank Skinner Show attracts a weekly audience of approximately 7 million (with a peak at 10.6 million viewers) with a 51% audience share amongst the key 16-34 year old demographic and a 46% share for all other demographics.

Hosted by the right local comic talent, and with a tried and tested production bible, this format is a guaranteed ratings puller for any channel.

An Avalon TV production for BBC ONE (series 1-3) and ITV1 (series 4-9)
Episodes available: 24 x 30 minutes, 2 x 40 minutes, 70 x 50 minutes.

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